Find Your Inner Peace By Filling Your Tax Return Early!


We are two months into New financial year and best you finalise the Tax affairs of the previous Financial year soon. If your self-assessment is not submitted and tax is not paid on time, you will receive automatic £100 penalty from HMRC.
Act now to ensure your Self – Assessment return is submitted on time. If you don’t complete the questionnaire soon we will not be able to submit the return on time.
If you have already completed the questionnaire on the portal or your company is incorporated on or after 6th April 2019 , you can ignore this – If you haven’t, please
  • Log in to our online portal (
  • Please go to “Self-Assessments” tab
  • On shareholder name – please choose the name and the Year (i.e April 2019)
  • Answer the questionnaire and confirm the answers
  • Please click “Create and Finish”
  • We will prepare and submit to HMRC
  • We will advise you the amounts you need to pay
  • You need to make second payment on Account by 31st July 2019 and final tax amount by 31st January 2020
  • Payments need to be made from personal bank account and not company bank account
If you have already received an email from us asking for an approval, please approve them asap.
If you are unable to complete, we might not be able to submit your return on time. This will result in a penalty of £100 from HMRC.
if you are in doubt, please call us on 02035 832 930
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