Cloud Accounting

London and throughout the UK

Saving you money, worry, time and space

We confidently claim that every business should move away from traditional accounting to Cloud Accounting. Here are a few good reasons why –

Saving you money

The costs of old-style accounting were astronomic. Businesses were faced with a stark choice – keep everything in-house. Pay staff to carry out all the accounting functions, from bookkeeping to payroll. Of course, those staff needed holiday pay, sick pay, maternity pay, not to mention statutory pensions. Then, of course, what would you do if they were off sick? The alternative – outsourcing the tasks to an accountant. This approach was efficient, but without modern technology, expensive too.
With Cloud Accounting, you only need to employ staff who work on the business itself. All you accountancy functions can be carried out by your accountant, smoothly, quickly and at low cost.

Keeping you secure

The old accounting processes were, of course, entirely paper-dependent, with obvious security risks. Fail to shred just one file, and your entire business could be at risk.
As Cloud Accounting specialists, security is our priority. All your documentation is fully encrypted. All your company data is stored in secure servers that are continually backed up.

An easy life

Previously, you’d have to make time in a busy business diary for regular meetings with your accountant. Then there were the, sometimes lengthy, round trips for accountant meetings. With Cloud Accounting, you have all the information you need online, in real-time. You can view all your reports – P&L sheets, balance sheets, cash flow reports and plenty more, giving you instant insights into your business performance.
Then, of course, with Ashton & Co, sound, supportive business advice is just a phone call or email away.

Saving you space

With a statutory obligation to keep your business records for up to 6 years, you used to have to devote a vast amount of valuable space to retain these records. With Cloud Accounting, there are no more loose files, no more boxes full of past transactions and no more mess. Everything is online.