HMRC Tax Investigation Support

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HMRC investigation support

HMRC have notified you that they’ll be investigating your company.  You’re worried.  It’s only natural.  These matters can, at first sight, seem intimidating.  Any investigation into your tax affairs can be disruptive to your business and costly.  That’s why you must get the right help.  Relax.  Our expert team is here to support you in any way we can.

You’ve received a tax investigation letter from HMRC. What should you do?

First, read the letter carefully. Then – call us. If you’re not sure what the letter means, or if it’s a complicated request for information, we’ll give you immediate specialist advice.

What happens once HMRC has decided to investigate?

Once HMRC has decided to conduct a tax investigation, you’ll be required to provide any information they’ve asked for. This is where we come in. It may be that the anomaly has been caused by a minor discrepancy, and the case can be closed relatively quickly. Occasionally, however, HMRC may request further information and wish to undertake a more detailed investigation. Again, we’ll be on hand to give you specialist help – right through to the conclusion of the investigation process.